Thank you from Startupdemands

Dear Nationals,

How time has flown by, today startupdemands is 1 month old 😊🎉😊 and we just want to say a very big thank you for sticking with us from our inception.

To all those who sat through reading our sometimes long posts, thank you very much.

To those who shared and liked our posts, we celebrate you. Even if you didn’t, u are still cool.

To those who have subscribed to our blog, you make the work easy for us. We love you. Thank you.

To those who follow us on our various social media platforms @startupdemands, thanks alot for ur likes, tweets and retweets 

To our very passionate commentators, thanks for your questions, your encouragement and for expressing how much you like our posts. 

To those who challenge us and give us feedback so that we can be better, thank you so much.

To WordPress, Canva, Buffer and Slack, thanks for making the work easier.

Very truly yours,


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