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101 Nigerian Business Ideas

In continuation of our series ‘101 Nigerian business ideas’, here are 10 business ideas which are tech related:

Let the ideas continue: 

21. Tech/beauty: The demand for spa and beauty services has risen drastically over the years, the time spent in saloons or even looking for a good salon can be reduced, especially with the internet. Spa and Saloon booking websites is a new area to consider. How about booking your appointment at 1pm and salon or spa is ready to serve on time. One benefit of this service will be to enable the saloons to have a clear data of their schedules, to determine whether they need more hands during the weekends. 

22. Tech/Real Estate: The demand for accommodation in Nigeria is rising day by day, there is a huge challenge in finding the perfect place to stay with good terms and conditions. Online accommodation Search services is a great idea. Although there are a few players in this space already, there is still room for more players. This search idea can totally change the rent services in Nigeria, It can also change the way estate agents operate.

23. Tech/Logistics: The delivery and logistics platform still need more and more players; there are mainly two international ones in Nigeria: FedEx and DHL. Since the launch of Jumia and Konga few startups like Pacelhero have emerged that handle their logistics. Many more players are still needed who can try to cut down the time it takes for ordered goods to reach customers. 

24. Tech/Fashion : The retail platform is growing slowly, the South African companies seems to be the visible ones, however, I believe the fashion industry is worth exploring. Most Fashion designers are dealing with luxury clients but not everyone wants luxury every day. You can create an online retail platform to sell your products. 

25. Tech services: The growing demand of online businesses in Nigeria is in need of consultants services who can help the companies execute or give strategic advice online for instance digital strategy or digital marketing services like SEO or PPC or even software companies.

26. Healthcare/Tech: The pharmaceutical industry is seriously in need of innovation especially with the high demand for original drugs. This is an industry to tap, e-pharmacy and delivery. A South African Startup is already successfully solving this problem in South Africa. Individuals do not need to have a shop but can strategically invest in online platforms. 

27. Tech/Entertainment Industry: The events industry (Movie and Music) in Nigeria is growing rapidly, the only way tickets are sold is at the cinema; there are no online ticket platforms for bargains on movie tickets/music tickets. I remember reading a blogger’s review  about the online tickets platforms services. according to her, they are yet to get it right. You might be the next person to get it right. It might be a very profitable good industry to tap into.

28. Tech/Home Services: There is always need for storage services and home moving services in Nigeria, and so this is a good business to establish. You can have an online platform for Home moving/Storage Services where people can book for trucks or vans to move their items from one house to another or even storing some of their properties for a few.  This idea can be done the traditional way without the need for a tech angle. It also allows people bid for trucks and drivers at a price online.

29. Tech/Education: There is a high usage of mobile in Nigeria.  There are challenges facing education in Nigeria; from getting quality books, to the price of the books. A digital platform can be created where books can easily be sold or acquired, just like the Amazon Innovation.

30. Tech/Deals or Promos: There is an exciting opportunity to sell deals and give promos to customers in different sectors. It can be an app that gathers all the promos and  bargains given by companies for customers to just download. Although I feel bloggers can tap into this because of the high traffic they get but notwithstanding a new player can tap into this area. The benefits are that customers know an app to get deals and bargains in all sector, the benefits to companies is a form of adverts and also to understand purchasing behavior of customers.

If you have an idea that you believe will be a good addition to the countdown, you can send an email to info@startupdemands.com or leave a comment via the contact tab above with your name and the idea you want to share, and I will publish it along with the next series. Cheers

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