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101 Nigerian Business Ideas

Find below ideas #61-70 in our series ‘101 Nigerian business Ideas’. 

Let the ideas continue: 

61.Tech/Fashion/Retail: This is an opportunity to maximise the growing fashion industry in Nigeria, the fashion industry is yet to fully utilize the opportunities it presents for people looking to start a business around fashion. A person can pick a niche in blogging about fashion. Another viable potential is having a website that showcases fashion brands from across all web platforms, or just shows their deals to people who can’t go on those individual websites to search for deals; a good example is Stylight.

62.Healthcare/Tech:The healthcare in Nigeria is seriously crying for innovation. There are lots of lapses in this sector: no appropriate health records, cannot ascertain the number of births and deaths in the country. Let’s talk about the supply chain in healthcare which is lying fallow, with the help of electronic health records software, we can overcome untimely death or errors in medication and it will also make the doctors and nurses more accountable for their actions.

 63.Tech/Education: The education platform and curriculum are in need of a huge change, I personally believe education will drive other sectors. Due to this backward challenge in our curriculum how about an e-learning websites that enables individuals to update their skills on digital marketing, business and much more. This is an opportunity for people living in the diaspora or people who just got back into the country to enlighten people about the latest on various fields.

 64.Tech/Food delivery: Food is definitely a good business any day anytime, there has been some innovative restructuring in the food industry and it is not all about the traditional food. Nigeria has loads of well-known chefs and there are definitely people willing to try new food. The idea is this: a platform for chefs to offer some of their food at a discount; for instance, Chef Fregz puts up a menu available for a particular day, people pay for the food before the day and it’s delivered to their individual homes or offices.

 65.Tech/Savings and investment online: For a long time I did not really understand the famous AJO (corporative society) our mothers participated in. Today I had a very interesting conversation with my colleagues at work and to my surprise, they told me how they saved .20p and .50p for a whole year and totalled to over £100 and £400. How about an AJO society online that helps you invest your money and you get a return on investment every 6 months to 12 months.

 66.Tech/ Education: I know everyone had lesson teachers or attended some sort of lessons at a time while growing up. The demand for credible lesson teachers has always being a necessity. I remember my aunt was searching for a lesson teacher for her son with some form of credentials. the idea is this: a platform that helps to search for a lesson teacher who meets all the qualification you want. An example is PREPCLASS in Nigeria. Apart from teaching kids, there could also be a platform where companies can source for trainers in different fields  to lecture your company on etiquettes or financial training.

67.Tech/Wellness: The fitness industry in Nigeria has been long underrated, however due to change in individual lifestyle and the western habits people are fast embracing, the gym*in is in high demand. people want a good gym within their area. This idea is for a gym centre. Another opportunity with the use of the internet is that you can search for the nearest gym and also their costs/discounts offered. It’s also an opportunity for people who like sports to organise a training and put it online for individuals interested in paying and joining at a token.

68.Tech/Construction: The demand for housing and a good road is in increase, therefore, construction and real estate or good infrastructures are in a relationship. There is a high demand for quality products, on-site managers, bricklayers, pretty much everyone associated with building a home. We can create an online marketplace to source for these kinds of professionals. It will go a long way and bring trust in the industry and convenience of not having to ask around or use the painter recommended by the bricklayer because he is the bricklayers friend. it also helps you save money.

69.Tech/Information: Information is a necessity in every economy, especially in business. Nigeria is still very new to the creation of useful information; most people rely on random online platforms which don’t always produce authentic information. A person can produce financial times website which analysis different industry for people looking to start a business.

70.Tech/Trading: The Nigerian stock exchange is not as open or transparent as it should be. My dad is very much into stocks and I am always with him when he is making calls to find out stock prices for companies like First bank & Dangote sugar. How about an online platform which showcases different prices of all the stocks and also allows you to pay through your security company, maybe first bank securities etc. Just a thought I will like to see innovation around the stock market real soon even though its down at the moment.

If you have an idea that you believe will be a good addition to the list, you can send an email to info@startupdemands.com or leave a comment via the contact tab above with your name and the idea you want to share, and I will publish it along with the next series. Cheers

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