101 Nigerian Business Ideas

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Find  below ideas #91-100 in our series 101 Nigerian Business Ideas. 

Let the Ideas continue:

91. Ice Block Production: Many drink sellers/vendors find it hard to keep their drinks cold because of the shortage of electricity and the high costs of fueling a generator. Ice Blocks can be Produced and sold in different sizes. 

92. Tech/ Agriculture: Due to the difficulty in getting fresh farm produce, and sustaining it all through the year a unique way is to have a website which shows availability of a product and businesses can buy in bulk.

93. Tech/ Healthcare/Nursing: Due to the increase in quack Doctors and Nurses, the use of technology could be used to curb this problem by having a system, which verifies doctors and nurses.

94. Blogging: Blogging is not all about gossip only, there are other areas to blog about. For example, a platform which engages students nationwide in Nigeria. Also, people can blog about different aspects of agriculture. 

95. Tech/Healthcare/Recruitment: There is an increase in quack healthcare professionals and little attention is paid to healthcare in terms of recruitment, a platform can be created for the hiring of various healthcare professionals.

96. Tech/Equipment’s/Rentals: The construction and agricultural industry are witnessing a huge use. The demand for tractors and other types of equipment are becoming a necessity. A platform can be created which allows people to rent out these equipment due to the high cost of purchase.

97. Logistics/In-store Lockers: Due to the current challenges in the logistics industry in Nigeria and the inefficiencies in NI POST, an organisation can partner with busy places like banks or supermarkets to place lockers in their premises, so that items get delivered to the lockers. A good example is amazon lockers.

98. Data Analytics Startup: The use of the Internet has definitely made some things easier, especially helping some companies cut cost and bringing some levels of efficiency in developed countries. In developing countries like Nigeria however, data is scattered and not utilised. Startups can be begin ‘data analytics’ by bringing all this data and helping companies to predict customer behaviour.

99. Curation Tools: The use of social media in creating contents is becoming enormous. How about an app that can be used to produce quality contents in our local dialect or tailored to the African market.

100. Niche e-commerce websites: The e-commerce industry is a very big one and it cuts across all sections, although the major e-commerce sites are selling a vast range of products, a new player can enter the same market by selling only niche products like kitchen utensils or home necessities and much more.

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