The 52 weeks Challenge: Idea 1: Peanut production

Guest Author (Mr Ebis is the Lead Business Consultant at Agape development Consultants)


1. The Idea

To begin our series, we start with one industry that will always remain, irrespective of the state of the economy: The Food industry. There is a common saying in Nigeria that goes like this; Man must ‘Wack’ (i.e. Man must eat). Food is highly important and it’s among the three (3) basic needs, along with clothing and shelter. In times of scarcity, the hardest hit businesses are the luxury ones. It is often said that it is hard to go wrong in food business, unless of-course you fail in food quality, hygiene, service delivery and presentation, then you should not even be in that business in the first place.

 I present to you the first business start up idea in this series.

Different flavoured Coated Peanut snack

While you may not be so interested in this very business idea, you could still read through and get a feel of my thoughts, which may be useful to you in some other way

If you have stayed in Nigeria for a while, and also depending on your location, you may have come across this snack. It is probably the highest selling brand of coated peanuts being in Nigeria. Something happened recently and I had to describe this product to a friend and one funny way they could remember it was the amount of air that was used in packing it compared with the coated peanuts inside. The amount of air inside the pack is intentionally added to ensure that the packaged food product stay fresh and good for as long as possible.

 However, this post is not about the Burger branded coated peanut, this is about something new that can be created like it.

 One can introduce a brand new coated peanut product with different flavours such as, chocolate, Strawberry flavoured coated peanut, etc. To spice it up one could add some pepper (chilli). So this is the product we kick of this series with. An indigenous (made in Nigeria) well packed and branded flavoured peppered (not-peppered) coated peanut.


Here is a thread on Naira land on how to make coated peanut

 Another link found

 Peanut coating machine as seen on

 There are some videos on YouTube on how to prepare this snack as well.

 From the video, you can see how the Pot-like device is attached to a base and made to spin. You could show this to an engineer or a technically savvy person who will guide you on how best to locally construct your own peanut coating device. You will need a welder, a DC motor, the Pot among other things.

 You should not go into this or any business if you are not ready to work, as it would also require your commitment and patience.

2. Why??? Is there a market for this?

There is a very large market for this, depending on the scale one desires and is able to operate. This is a good part to this idea, because it can provide small and medium scale employment with a relatively moderate initial capital and could be a large employer of labour if the operations are carried out in a large scale (Capital intensive).

The existing popular ‘burger’ brand of coated peanut appears to be manufactured outside Nigeria and is being sold in different parts of the World. Last Google search showed a manufacturer in Accra Ghana.

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