The 52 weeks Challenge: Idea 2: Waste disposal business

Guest Author (Mr Ebis is the Lead Business Consultant at Agape development Consultants)

Let me once again introduce you to a country with a very high rate of unemployment, Nigeria. It is not a secret in the sense that it is a common saying in Nigeria, that there are no Jobs. If this translates to mean that there is nothing to do, wouldn’t this present a country that is so perfectly working well, and neatly organized, having little or no vacancies for new workers or improvement upon what the situation is??


This is happens to not be the case with Nigeria as the following pictures will show you what is obtainable across different cities in Nigeria.

Before we see the pictures, let me share something that happened.

Some time ago, I was on forum, where I saw a picture of one pedestrian bridge in Port Harcourt Nigeria, which was littered with rubbish, dumped there. This picture was posted by a Young Nigerian who seemed to want to slight the then leaders of the State as inferred from his post.

A thought came to my mind, What if? Just what if, instead of just taking a pic and sharing it on social media with derogatory remarks against the leadership of the state, He got some of his friends, they wear (hire) reflective vests, took a picture of the bad state at the top of the pedestrian bridge, then took a picture of them cleaning, and finally a picture of the new look. Then afterwards, juxtapose or pic-mix the three pictures, citing,

Before, During and After.

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 Imagine sharing that on Social media and it goes viral. Right there and then, a Business has been formed.

Remember, even if you may not be interested in this, you could read along to follow my thoughts just in case it could lead you into something else you may be inspired to do.

 Let’s see some pictures of some sightings in different cities in Nigeria.

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