Idea 3 of 52 - Graphics and Print media Consultant

Guest Author (Mr Ebis is the Lead Business Consultant at Agape development Consultants)

1. The Idea

This is one Business you can start with little or no funds. I once came across this idea many years ago in a Newspaper article and it made some sense, and so I would share in this weeks Idea 3 post of our 52 ideas series.

All you would need to have is the ability to talk (sell your service), negotiate (your cut) and deliver (job well done)

Step 1.
Go to any printer’s shop, preferably the ones with industry type machines capable of doing big jobs and can offer reasonable discounts for bulk jobs.
Introduce yourself as a Print consultant and ask to know how the printer charges. Take note of their charges, and negotiate the discounts they can offer for bulk jobs. Also ask for sample prints they have done in the past. Ask to go with some samples.

Step 2
Get in touch with a very good graphics designer. Ask for his/her rates they charge. Negotiate discount for the referring jobs to them. Ask to get samples of past Job they have designed.

Step 3
Understand the whole supply chain.
You get a Print Job – You contact the designer to design – get the design and meet the printer to Print the Job – You deliver the finished Printed Job to your Client.

Step 4
Having secured your partners in your supply chain, you will next need to look for the Job. You can advertise on Job listing sites, you could spread the word to family, friends and anyone you meet of your ability to deliver quality print Jobs.
When you get the Job, ensure to deliver as promised. To get quality finished print Jobs, you will need to factor that in choosing the other players in your supply chain (Graphics designers, Printer).

Step 5
Continue to get Jobs done through the steps 1-4 listed, while you take classes on Graphics designing by the side. As you get better at designing, you will soon cut out the step 2 and increase your revenue by handling the designing Job yourself. As your earnings come in, try your best to save some towards purchasing your own printer machine, so that in due time you can cut out step 1 and print the jobs yourself. Soon you will be running the entire supply chain by yourself. This would all require focus and a great deal of commitment on your part.

2. The Market

If you take a trip to the area in your city where most of the bulk printer businesses are operated, you will see the buzzing activities and could get more ideas on what sorts of things are mostly printed.

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