Idea 5 of 52 - Mobile Toilets (Accessorized with Perfumes)

Guest Author (Mr Ebis is the Lead Business Consultant at Agape development Consultants)

  1. The Idea

Necessity they say is the mother of inventions. I believe if we observe our environments and see those things that we lack, or seem to be unavailable, whether due to non-performance by Governments (community leaders), or a collective negligence towards basic societal needs, We will be presented with opportunities to innovate and make positive impact. Whilst you may have ready access to clean and healthy Toilets, some others may not be privileged to afford such luxury. Sometimes, some people could have an urgent need to use the toilet in an environment that could be far from home, e.g, in a Market place, etc. This has led the 5th Business Startup Idea in our 52 weeks series being – Mobile Toilets.

Idea Summary

  • · Understand the whole processes involved and total cost before jumping on this.
  • · Look for a location that would need such. E.g. Markets, Motor parks, Abbatoir etc
  • · Get all the licenses and registrations necessary
  • · Find where to rent or buy a mobile toilet unit or units
  • · Also arrange for where to dispose of the waste. (Their daily charges et al)
  • · Mount your mobile toilet stations manned by an attendant.
  • · As people pay, they are presented with assorted perfumes to wear (just spray) as a bonus.
  1. The Market

Some market places in Nigeria are really crowded and rowdy. The traders mostly spend the whole of their day out in the Market and could have need of a clean, well-attended toilet. Some public places, markets and motor parks may have toilets built, but may not be in the best of conditions. You would have to look around, ask questions and see places where this service would be appreciated for a fee.

  1. The Business

Value Proposition: Clean, and well attended to, mobile conveniences services.

Customer Segment: Traders and visitors to public market places,

Distribution Channels: Flyer distribution to all the traders and occupants of the park, markets, Word of mouth, etc.

Customer Relationship: Direct

Key Activities: Cleaning, Waste treatment and disposal

Key Resources: Startup funds, the mobile toilet and other work related equipment, Workforce (attendant) etc.

Key Partners: Market management, Motor park associations, Government regulatory agency.

Cost Structure: Mobile toilet rental/Purchase, setup and installation, Logistics (Transportation), Registrations & Licensing, Hygiene certifications, Marketing and promotions, Salary for attendant, Toiletries, Perfumes and Air fresheners.

Revenue Stream: Service charges paid by service users

  1. Competition

If the public place has an eatery in close proximity, this could be a an alternative for some prospective customers to use for their conveniences, although they may need to make a purchase. It is therefore important the mobile toilet operator knows exactly who the target customer is so that the operator will focus resources on better satisfying the target segment and see those that would go look for a nearby eatery as outside the target customer segments.

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