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The event industry in Nigeria as over the years witnessed a great surge, therefore making it one of the most sought after industry.

It is not news that Nigerians love to party, but nothing is said about the behind the scenes that contribute to the success of the party. Most Nigerian parties/events require the participation of many vendors working in unison to bring success. Take for instance a wedding party; an average Nigerian wedding needs at least seven different vendors ranging from the caterer, baker, florist, decorator, MC, makeup artist, photographer, and more. There is, therefore a heavy burden on people planning events in terms of finding the right vendors at the right location, at the right price and bringing them together to ensure a successful event.

While it might be a little easier to find vendors in Lagos if you reside in Lagos, it gets harder when you are planning an event in an area you haven’t lived in, e’.g your hometown. The process is even more difficult for Nigerians in the diaspora searching for vendors to cater for their events in Nigeria.

Eventicles was birthed to make the process of discovering event vendors around Nigeria easier. It was established as an online website directory in Nigeria which enables event vendors anywhere in Nigeria to easily list their services, contact details, state(s) where they do business, amongst other things. The one major benefit of listing your vendor services is increased visibility, which in turn leads to more bookings of your services.  click below to list your services:

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